About Deaf Sage

I was born withbad hearing loss and it progressively got worse until it became what is known as “severe” hearing loss where it remains today.

My whole life, I was told I couldn’t write believable dialogue or characters because of my hearing impairment. So what’d I do? I went out and proved them wrong by writing feature films and hip hop songs for many artists. My songs have been featured in movies and documentaries and, in addition, I wrote a feature length indie film, Pandemonium, that played at festivals.

You’ll notice a lot of references to 80’s and 90’s pop culture as I can no longer escape the fact that I’m a junkie of those decades.

I’m currently shopping a novel, Out on the Curb, about a group of buddies dealing with the difficulties of life in LA after the 1992 Rodney King Riots. In addition, I’ve got a horror script, Cyblings, circulating the studios.

I never listed to the doubters because, well, I guess I just can’t hear them.

This blog is basically just me ranting about whatever, whenever I feel necessary.

-Deaf Sage


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