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The Protagonist – Cybil


Cybil is a socially withdrawn outcast that has a penchant for spiders and insects. In short, she’s a weirdo, one that’s constantly tormented by those she comes into contact with, especially her step-brother, Chester.

But Cybil has a dream: She’s trying to save up $5000 to get the hell out of her isolated desert town of Mission Rock so she can move to LA and become a documentarian. However, that goal isn’t as easy as it seems. Chester stands in her way as does Kim, the popular mean-spirited Ice Queen. Together, they make Cybil’s life hell but she’s close to that five grand, very close.

Although she is an adult, Cybil is a victim. Most victims do not seek help for the abuse they’re taking, especially if it comes from home as it does in Cybil’s case. Chester takes pleasure in tormenting his step-sister to the point where she’s in tears. He even has a favorite name for her: Ugly.

But Cybil’s life is turned upside down when the sister she hasn’t seen for 15 years, Kelly, saves her one fateful day. As she gets reacquainted with her sister, Cybil becomes influenced by Kelly’s aggressive behavior and begins taking her tormentors head on. But this causes even more problems for Cybil, problems she may never be able to solve.

Will Cybil overcome her tormentors or remain a victim forever?  

That’s the question that the movie hinges on.


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