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Bad Movies That Are Good #1

Look, I’m not the be all, end all for movie opinions (Okay, actually I am) but generally, the movies listed below did not receive critical acclaim. Most of them are bad movies but bad doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t piss-in-your-pants funny or entertaining.


Child’s Play 2 

Yes, it’s just another bad horror sequel and yes, there’s nothing for you to learn but…there’s a TON of laughs here. I don’t know, something about a little red-headed doll cursing like a sailor cracks me up. And while it’s not even in the same ballpark as the original Child’s Play, it’s still hilarious and entertaining.


Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls

Plot-wise, this movie is terrible. I mean, honestly, who gives a shit about the search for an albino bat? But Jim Carrey still delivers laughs aplenty and the cameo by In Living Color co-star, Tommy Davidson is great. The spit part is great and, of course, the part where Ace extracts himself from a rhino’s ass (above) is hilarious.



Can’t figure out why critics hated on this Denzel/John Lithgow thriller about a sociopathic criminal out for blood-curdling vengeance on the lawyer who did him in. Compared to the dog shit thrillers that have come out the last 10 years, this was should be a review. Either way, John Lithgow is an absolute maniac in this flick while Denzel, well, he plays the same guy he plays in just about every movie he does.



There aren’t many great football movies out there nor is this but, come on, it’s definitely better than most. It’s got a lot of funny scenes and gives us Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson together before they ever made the classic White Men Can’t Jump. This movie also doesn’t get much respect for starting the end zone dancing craze in the NFL.


Blood In, Blood Out

I’ll be the first to admit this flick about East L.A. gang life is pretty damn over-the-top but it’s a fun watch. This is basically a b-movie version of American Me except it’s more about gangs on the streets rather than gangs being run from inside a prison. Most of the acting in the movie sucks except for Benjamin Bratt who, go figure, is the only recognizable name in the cast. But if you watch it, you’ll forever be able to say, “Vatos Locos forever, ese!”


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